Speak Out: Lawmakers begin virtual session

The 151st General Assembly kicked off in unprecedented fashion this week. For the first time, lawmakers will be sworn in virtually, with the coronavirus pandemic preventing legislators from meeting in person. Both chambers plan for at least January sessions to be held over Zoom.

• The government is out of control. Both sides are messed up. — Stephen Terrance Herd

• In what way? Be specific. Provide details and evidence. — Benjamin Black

• So they admit our children are lacking proper education by using virtual classrooms, but they want to discuss our state’s laws and policies this way? — Gary Showalter Jr.

• Have you forgotten all those peaceful riots and looting from the summer? — Howard Gaines III

• The reality is the people were marching then because cops killed Black, unarmed people. If Trump had only conceded in November, none of this would have happened. — Debbie Dickerson

• There is no reason to “come together” with racists or those who would support an autocratic president. There is no reason to find “unity” with QAnon conspirators or increasingly fringe right-wing White Christian nationalists. The vast majority of people in Delaware have voted for a progressive agenda and rejected the Republican Party platform of the same, tired, old ideas of trickle-down economics proven to be fraudulent time and time again. Republicans are a dying breed stuck in the good ol’ days, when only White people’s agenda mattered. — Tommy Bou

• If masks work, then let’s meet in public where the voices of the people can be heard. The role of government in 2021 is not what our forefathers intended. Their role is to uphold our rights of life, liberty and property. You cannot take from one group without committing injustice against another. Any controversial bills need to wait. — Donna Brinck Austin

• Either virtual sessions are adequate enough for the students to get an education, therefore, virtual sessions are adequate enough for the lawmakers to make laws; or virtual sessions are not adequate enough for the lawmakers to make laws, therefore, virtual sessions are not adequate enough for students to receive an education. What’s fair for the goose is fair for the gander. — Anita Anderson Spangler