Speak Out: Lawsuit targets DelDOT over Del. 1 access at south Frederica

DOVER — A longtime Kent County lawyer is suing the Department of Transportation over access to several properties in the Frederica area that are planned for development. At issue are two parcels of land directly across Del. 1 from the DE Turf sports complex. Totaling about 11.7 acres, the land was purchased by DelDOT in 2008 for a combined $2.78 million, according to documents from the Kent County recorder of deeds. In 2018, it was sold to a group of three LLCs represented by attorney John Paradee, for $275,000, per DelDOT’s 2018 annual property report and a county deed.

• If the land was sold to avoid upkeep, then perhaps it’s time to start fining the current owners as their idea of upkeep happens once a year. As if the mosquitoes weren’t bad enough, courtesy of the drainage ponds DelDOT installed after killing and/or removing all vegetation. Using tax dollars for study after study, build more, build bigger, tax breaks for those who pay to play is atrocious. — Shana Hendrickson

• Just Delaware politics. — Colette Resor Haycraft

• Good ol’ boy politics. — Gary Sparks

• Democrat corruption exposed! — Mark Schmalhofer

• We should be looking at why DelDOT paid so much for it in the first place. — Rick Reed

• I’d love for the state of Delaware to give away 11.7 acres to me personally for the cost of a middle-class home in Delaware at the expense of taxpayers. — Beth Gallagher

• Me, too! I’ve been desperately searching for land, and this is why you can’t find it. — Ashley Reynolds

• There are at least two other such deals within 5 miles of this location, dating back to Ruth Ann. — Dennis Mehrenberg

• Isn’t this area a Republican majority? Makes perfect sense to blame a Democrat. — Marty Deery

• There have been so many red flags with this field, and everyone ignored it. — Hilary Ennis

• I see that this article references that no one else was interested in the property, except that the property was never put up for public auction or offered to anyone else. Is there proof that this property went through the proper steps of offering it up for auction to the public before taking a deal at such a substantial loss? Clearly, the property is worth much more than the appraised value, as it’s now up for sale for $6.5 million. Who did the appraisal? And why is it so low? — Kati Kline

• I  have been looking for land that isn’t under some sort of conservation easement or all wetlands, but meanwhile people are making money hand over fist at the expense of us taxpayers! The state may own land, but it will only sell to its cronies at a loss, so they can pad their own pockets at the expense of those that voted them in. Absolute garbage! — Heather Laskey