Speak Out: Laying out the case

The House Judiciary Committee released a sweeping report Monday bolstering the case for impeaching President Donald Trump, laying out the rationale and charges that accuse him of betraying the nation for his own political gain.

Trump faces two articles of impeachment by House Democrats: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. They point to Trump pressuring Ukraine to investigate 2020 political rival Joe Biden while withholding as leverage military aid the country relies to counter Russia as well as his efforts to block the House investigation.

• Dems said Trump was a spy for Russia. They were wrong about that too. — Ryan Fenimore

• The liberal sickness of trying to fabricate lies. — Tommy Lee

• Today’s Democrats are what Lincoln warned us about. They are trying to destroy our country from within. — Doug Poore

• It is perfectly normal for a president to ask foreign countries to look into his political rivals or even break into your opponents’ headquarters. This is how politics works. — William Mazzariello

• It’s also perfectly normal to buy a dossier from a Brit and provided by Russians. After helping your kids make millions working for companies that benefit from “aid” that you approve and support as a leading politician. That’s how politics works. — Chris Werner

• The Democrats are done! They have accomplished nothing, they offer nothing, they have no platform, they have no candidate, they have no morals, and they have zero unity even within their own party. — Marc Auger

•The Democrats along with the liberal media have only proven they are just a bunch of sore losers and are willing to waste millions of our tax dollars on a failed attempt to overturn the will of 63 million people. Donald Trump will not only win the electoral vote but will win the popular in a landslide. — Paul J. Sayers

• The only thing Trump is a threat to is the re-election of House Democrats. — Chris Rowe

• A foreign dossier used to obtain FISA warrants against a candidate running for president. How is this not foreign interference in the election? — Tom Small

• This will all be put to a vote next November! — Peter Servon

• These people are so damaged and delusional, they believe their own fiction. When this over and President Trump can get on with running our country, this Congress should be put under a microscope. I think all of the Dems and maybe a few Repubs need to be removed immediately. THEY are the danger to our country’s security and Constitution. — Janyce Colmery

• And he was interfering with elections using foreign nations and bribed one of them Ukraine for his own personal campaign. What a con! — R Tamer Peel

• I watched a lot of those hearings and while I missed some, I didn’t hear anyone give 1st hand evidence of wrongdoing. It was lots of uncorroborated hearsay, but no evidence. — Lisa Bell

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