Speak Out: Lemonade stands

The students from W. Reily Brown Elementary School’s Student Lighthouse Team, led by Rep. Andria Bennett, are hoping to protect young entrepreneurs in the state from having their lemonade stands fined and shut down.

On Monday, Rep. Bennett and the group of students discussed the proposed bill at the school.

The bill, which will be filed today, would keep a child-run stand that operates on a temporary basis to sell non-alcoholic beverages on private property exempt from licensing fees and other state, county and municipal regulations.

• Why are they even doing that? Why would it be a problem if a kid wants to do a lemonade stand? — Trea Taylor

• Because previously you needed an license to do it so you could pay taxes on it. — Mandi Mendoza

• Not just taxes — proof that you were aware of and following food service regs. It’s a delicate task to write a law that allows kids with no knowledge or food safety procedures to sell safe beverages without also allowing adults to. — Kim Siegel

• Because nutty neighbors and cops on a handful of occasions have come out and accosted kids about not having a license. It’s protection for the kids. — Terrell Carey

• The fact that a child’s lemonade stand even needs an exemption to fees and regulations is a glaring example of how out of control our government has become. — B.K. Smith

• Way to go W Reily Brown! — Janna Motley

• What about common sense and don’t mess with the kids. Well at least they will be protected. — Marc Gray

• And please, people, if you see a child selling lemonade, stop and give them your dollar. — Eileen Reynolds

• It’s ridiculous that they even considered the stupid notion in the first place!!!! Children need to come up with their own ideas to learn how to become entrepreneurs and earn their way. Leave it to state officials to kill everyone’s dreams and enthusiasm. They may have passed on this for now, but it will come up again due to greed. People need to nip this bs in the bud. Leave the children alone! — Freda Barrett

• This is flat out ridiculous that a bill would need to be drafted to protect kids and there lemonade stands. This country needs to grow the hell up and stop whining about every little damn thing. — Chuck Sullivan

• Maybe, but ridiculous would be not to pass it. After what they did in banning dogs from outside patios and eateries after forever, why trust them now. They will interpret the law in the light that gives them the most power if you let them. — David Anderson

• If you hear the whole story perhaps you’d understand that this has happened in other states. Andrea used it as a teaching lesson for the kids in school how to create a bill and get it passed. — Kim Marie

• Wow, just imagine, takes a “law” to protect a child from having to have a “peddler’s license” or to have to pay taxes on what they sold. Having their own lemonade (or other drinks) stand on their own property should be fun and easy to do. It is also something that is designed to get them interested in having a job–imagine that. Thank you Rep. Andria Bennett for what you are doing. — Guy Fowler

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