Speak Out: Liquor stores, Dover Office move to South Queen Street is official

Area liquor stores stay open amid pandemic

Gov. John Carney’s office explained last week that life without alcohol would likely push some to seek “unsafe and unhealthy alternatives in an attempt to get the same effect they would get from consuming (it).” Also troubling was a potential “surge of individuals seeking care at the emergency departments to manage withdrawal symptoms.”

There are genuine medical reactions to abrupt withdrawal of alcohol to those with dependency issues. Some of those reactions would be a medical emergency and require hospitalization. – Debbie Gifford

It’s a sad sad, sad catch 22. – Christopher Joyce

Of all things, liquor stores are “essential”? Or are the liquor lobbyists essential? Closing them would not doubt save lives from drunks driving and reduce domestic violence, given the drunks are forced to stay home. Also, what better way to get them to quit drinking? What’s next, stop arresting crack dealers because the crackheads need their crack? – Michael Jones

I have seen alcohol withdrawal firsthand. For those of you worried about your loved one dying from coronavirus, it’s really the same for people with loved ones dying from detox. At first, I agreed with them closing. but he’s right, it would cause mayhem in an already difficult time. More people than some of you realize have alcohol dependency. – Heather Coulter

The state would lose a lot of tax revenue. – Eric Siter

Two driving forces possibly at work here: Tax revenue from alcohol sales, and keeping people relaxed during isolation. – Heather Laskey

Dover Post Office move to South Queen Street is official

The journey to find a new home for the Dover Post Office, which began three years ago, officially came to an end earlier this week when the U.S. Postal Service completed the purchase of its new Dover location on 350 S. Queen St., the former site of Chesapeake Utilities. The move will end the post office’s stay at its current home at 55 Loockerman Plaza that’s lasted for more than five decades

• Too bad. The Bay Road site was ideal for the public with easy access for customers and mail trucks. Tons of parking and still in the city. Even Chesapeake Utilities thought so, they built their new building there. – Bob Skuse

• One old building to another.  – Jeff Grzeszczak

• Is there any parking near that building? – Linda Formelio

• Old Value City and or old Blue Hen Mall would have been perfect for parking and more room. – Katrina Stubbs

• Yes, there will be lots of parking. The piece of land is significantly larger and will have parking for employees, customers as well as the trucks.  – John Randall