Speak Out: Live nativity

The birth of Baby Jesus was brought to life Wednesday evening on The Circle in Georgetown with the first of 14 planned live nativity events. The live nativity became a reality in less than a week through a massive community effort spurred initially by the Good Ole Boy Foundatiom.

• It’s a shame the folks putting on this scene won’t instead put those hours into doing things to concretely help their brothers and sisters, like volunteering at a food bank, collecting coats or school supplies, or adopting a needy family. — Eric Morrison

• I agree 100% with you. It’s all about the show. If they’re doing this to honor Jesus, who btw, never indicated that he wanted to be honored in this way, they’re fooling themselves. Xmas has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus but all about spending! As you stated, they should be actively doing something for the less fortunate as he did. Instead of them doing for the less fortunate, these so-called Christ-like people, harass, whine, and behave not as a Christian. Town leaders are in Rehoboth every year demanding this “show piece” to be displayed on taxpayer property instead of private property. The time spent lobbying for this spectacle could have been spent helping or counseling others. I’m not an atheist, far from it, but consider myself as a Christian, knowing the Bible extensively. Know enough that there’s no place written in it where Jesus or his early followers made his birth such the spectacle it has become today! — Michael Jones

• Religion is important to some people, and everyone has the right to express their religious views. A lot of religions and churches collect coats, do food drives, and even collect money to disburse out to members in trouble. I’ve known pastors that come to hospitals on holidays to visit and have seen groups go out with hot cooked meals to deliver to the homeless. When people get their electric cut off, even the state social workers will direct people to churches for help! I’m not offended by any display of religion and just don’t understand the people that are. — Jessica Andreavich

• Sextus Julius Africanus originated the date. It became a festival when the Romans conquered Brittania and it replaced Yule. It’s just a date. Not even the right one. You’re right though. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the reasons why. It’s a good thing or a bad thing depending on what century you were born in. People are fickle. One day you’re leading a parade down a palm laden street, next week they nail you to a cross! You just can’t win with religion. Or people. — John Gault Haldeman

• Maybe they also put hours in volunteering as well as performing the live nativity. There are a lot of instances where people do things to create a “spectacle” in regards to their beliefs. This would fall under the first amendment. Same could be said about Colin Kaepernick a while back. However, his spectacle wasn’t a first amendment thing since he was on the job, but there was a lot of outcry for the right for him and others to express their beliefs in front of everyone. Can’t say it’s OK for some and not for others. If you don’t like or it’s not your thing, don’t get involved. No one’s being held down and forced religion. —— Rick Boyer

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