Speak Out: Longtime 7-Eleven closes

After more than 40 years of service, the 7-Eleven on New Street closed its doors this month.

The store, an end-cap to the Courtney Square Shopping Center, closed earlier in December, but its lease extends until the end of February, said Phil McGuinnis, property manager for the site.

Mr. McGuinnis said that the tenant had reached out between seven and nine months ago about renewing the lease for the convenience store which has been there since 1976. Mr. McGuinnis said that he sent an extension of the existing terms, but later, he heard from the tenant that the storefront would be closing and received a letter from corporate 7-Eleven.

• I used to stop there and Great Wall often on my way home but I stopped as I got tired of being panhandled every time. — Holly Overmyer

• No matter where you go in Dover you will be panhandled. They are everywhere and our mayor will not let the police enforce the vagrancy laws that are on already on the books. Dover has really gone downhill and feels unsafe. — Ronnie Ponde

•I lived in dover all my life and it doesn’t seem any worse then it did as a kid. I just say sorry no and walk past them. That easy. But i remember that 7-Eleven was the place where i bought my first comic book that got me hooked until i stopped when i went in the military. Good memories. — Michael Campbell

•The mayor has nothing to do with it. If you don’t like being panhandled, say no and move on. If it persists then call the police, they’ll respond.— Dave Bonar

• Do you blame them? The crime rate is terrible in that area. I am surprised anything is open in the downtown Dover area. I hate even driving through! —Tammi Marie Snowman

• Another business succumbs to crime, because a local government refuses to acknowledge why downtown Dover will never be a walkable nighttime attraction. — Brian Yacobellis

• I’m not surprised, Dover is a joke. They couldn’t keep a Denny’s or a Golden Corral. I’m surprised McDonald’s ain’t folded but the clientele ain’t that sharp either. Look at our rankings in IQ and SAT scores . — Douglas Beatty

• The Denny’s property was bought and the Golden Corral was closed because the owner had invested money in something and lost it, then was in default for thousands of dollars to the city! — Steve Trasser