Speak Out: Marijuana bust

A New York man was arrested after the alleged discovery of approximately 8.48 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle Monday night, Harrington Police spokesman Sgt. Earl K. Brode said.

K-9 Marshall first alerted officers to the possible presence of narcotics during an 8:39 p.m. traffic stop on U.S. 13 near Porter Street, authorities said. Driver Emmanuel Williams, of Brentwood, was alone in the vehicle, according to police.

• Such a waste of law enforcement resources. Cannabis legalization needs to happen now. — Eric Morrison

• Until it’s legalized, are cops just supposed to ignore it? They enforce the laws, but they don’t write them. — Willy Woods

• Well, well, we’re going to cherry pick the laws we want to enforce —never a waste! — Howard Gaines III

•You’re 100 percent right. Nothing but a waste of taxpayers’ money and the cops’ and judges’ time. — Byron Morgan

•It is a question of focus. And there are plenty of times where cops can use discretion regarding whether to pursue something or not. Watch the live cop shows. — Debbie Cordrey Economidis

•Oh yes, let’s legalize it so the high as hell idiots can get behind the wheel and go out and kill themselves or someone else. — Becky Wood Perrine

• Let’s just admit some laws are trash and need to be changed. Yes, we should focus our resources on something more important like why Delaware has the highest number of child homicides and how we can prevent them. — Jami Lynn Murrell-Rexrode

•In states that have legalized it, there has been no evidence of an increased number of drivers on the road under the influence of cannabis. In fact, many studies show that drivers under the influence of cannabis are no more likely to cause an accident than drivers not under the influence. Also, using your logic, would you like to go back to prohibition for alcohol? We certainly know that drunk drivers kill people. And states that have legalized cannabis have seen little to no uptick in cannabis usage. That’s the point. People are already using it. It’s not harming anyone. For the record, can you please tell me about the last time you heard about a driver killing someone because they were under the influence of cannabis? — Eric Morrison

•Until it is legal the K9 was doing his job and not a waste of resources. Uphold the laws on the books please. Don’t dis law enforcement! — Valerie DiMonde Allston

• Should be worried about the heroin that kids are ODing from every day around Harrington more than some pot that has never once killed someone unless it was tampered with and other drugs added to, which is very easy to tell. — Byron Morgan