Speak Out: Milford residents and businesses struggle with postal service delays

This holiday season, Americans nationwide have been struggling with the United States Postal Service — a notoriously troubled government agency whose limited resources have been stretched extra thin by the demands of the pandemic. In Milford, postal delays are common and have made daily life harder for various businesses and residents across town.

• A couple of years ago I found a USPS web site that lets people sign up for a daily notification of the mail that will arrive that day (if any). I’ve seen no problems except once in a while a piece of mail that was supposed to arrive that day, arrived the next day instead. – Linda Shockley

• Hartly isn’t any better. – Matt Andrews

• Election day is over. Can the post office have their sorting machines back? – Brandon Scott Albro

• Sounds like typical government agency excuses. Yet another example of why having the government operate something that the private sector does better is a bad idea. – Chris Ostrom

• The board of directors needs to do something about this. They wanted to be independent of congressional control. – Julianne Shockley

• And people trust mail in voting. – Bob Beckman

• And they should. But the postal services were attacked, domestically, by this administration for the purpose of causing distrust and manipulation of voter’s ability to vote safely. – Dennis Norwood

• Dover is bad too. Plus I have had long delays and damages from Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin. At least this happened after we voted by mail in November. – Elaine Russell Ringler

• Paying your bills is of the essence and being late is unacceptable. People need insurance, electric and roofs over their heads NOT extra headaches of calling and wondering where my check is and why hasn’t it cleared the bank or the extra expense of putting a stop payment on that said check. – Christine Campbell Baker

• It’s the entire postal service, not just Milford.  – Nancy McCole Casper

• Our mail prior to Christmas was fine. We mailed cards out that took almost two weeks to be received. Many blame COVID, which is insulting to constantly hear! – Eileen Maloney Mooney

• I sent three items on 12/21. One arrived in Kansas on 12/24. One arrived in New Mexico on 12/28. The one I sent to New Jersey is still stuck in a facility in New Jersey. – John Smith