Speak Out: Minimum wage debate

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by members of the Caesar Rodney Institute, headlined “Minimum wage hike would burden Delaware businesses.”

• Leftist thinking is detrimental to the health of the economy. They don’t seem to understand the ramifications of this. Layoffs, business failures and a high cost of living for everyone else. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Oh so the workers are to struggle while the owners don’t. Yep that’s fair.— Richard Damron

•Of course it’s fair. They take the risk by starting a new business. It’s their capital on the line. But if it’s so easy, as you imply, all these struggling workers can form their own company, and then they can pay themselves whatever they’d like. — Rob Holley

• Most people vastly struggle because of their stupid decisions — having kids before having a career, buying a vehicle that cost more than half of their income, being house broke because their mortgage or rent is more than 25% of their income, trying to keep up with the Joneses via wardrobe, phones, vacations, etc. Stop trying to be a victim. — Michael Campbell

• I’m all for $15 an hour! See how many people lose their jobs or hours! See how many families lose their state funding or and benefits die to increased income! See how much the cost of products or services go up! — Dean Grabowski

• Well we know how well this has turned out for places like California and Seattle. Businesses closing up shop, mass layoffs, and reduced hours for the employees left with a job. You will never beat basic economics, folks. — Shawn Knox

• That isn’t what I saw when I visited these places a few months ago. Those state economies are much stronger than Delaware’s by every metric imaginable. — Shawn Ray

• Shawn Knox Where were you in Seattle? That’s not what I observed or experienced and they had clean mass transportation. We have all the problems you listed here. Not sure how that makes us better. — Lesia Annettra

• Typical knee-jerk reaction form big business Republicans. So much information that says just the opposite but can’t possibly be right if it’s good for the working man.— William Mazzariello

• Wake up people, a high minimum wage forces employers to eliminate entry-level jobs. Have you been to McDonald’s? Higher wages helped eliminate order takers and cashiers. It’s all automated now. No baggers in grocery stores, self checkout at Walmart. You go gang. You may get your higher entry wage, there just won’t be any entry-level jobs. — Bob Skuse

• Automation would have happened anyhow. You pay a person a decent wage for a decent day’s work, it goes back into the community, and many times the same business that paid them.— Dan Fluman

• I hate the self service and automated checkouts. But it is coming. K through 12 isn’t good enough anymore. We need K through 14 with more focus on skills. Or something. — Pete Sullivan