Speak Out: More troops to Mideast

The United States is sending nearly 3,000 more Army troops to the Mideast as reinforcements in the volatile aftermath of the killing of an Iranian general in a strike ordered by President Donald Trump, defense officials said Friday.

Also Friday, the Pentagon placed an Army brigade in Italy on alert to fly into Lebanon if needed to protect the American Embassy there, part of a series of military moves to protect U.S. interests in the Middle East. Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official said the U.S. could send 130 to more than 700 troops to Beirut from Italy. The official was not authorized to be identified.

Constitution of the United States, Article I, Section 8: Gives Congress the power to declare war and raise and support the armed forces. — R Tamer Peel

• War hasn’t been declared, has it? They went after the No. 1 person on the government’s hit list — simple as that.

• Killing a top general of a foreign nation is an act of war. — R Tamer Peel

•Let’s be fair. What you said is all true, but Obama and Bush also did the same things. Since 2001 Congress has not done their job and the president ever since Bush has had all the authority. — Christopher Joyce

• Personally I’m more concerned with the liberals who are mourning a known terrorist who’s killed hundreds if not thousands. Are they so much against Trump and protecting American citizens that they now openly support terrorists? Sure seems that way. Maybe if we just flew in a billion dollars on an unmarked plane in the middle of the night trying to support err I mean appease the Iranians, like Obama did, maybe they wouldn’t commit any more terrorism. I mean it’s worked wonders so far, right? — Shawn Knox

• How about we walk away like we did in the 70’s? Not our damn circus OR monkeys. — Ellen Behringer