Speak Out: National Newspaper Week

Preserve the right of a free press. When leaders threaten journalists, they threaten everyone’s First Amendment rights. Journalists are often the first responders on the public’s right to know. They act as trusted watchdogs of government transparency. America needs journalists. National Newspaper Week is Oct. 4-10. Support community journalism.

• Journalism is dead. They are almost all activists now. The media reports narrative, not news. — Ryan Fenimore

• Just because you don’t like what the news is doesn’t make it dead. — Debbie Dickerson

• Most publications are not objective. — Tom Small

• They are all going bankrupt and primarily owned by large companies. No idea about the Delaware State News. The News Journal is owned by a USA TODAY Network conglomerate. I like this one better. — Beth Gallagher

• Republicans are complaining all politicians are corrupt and all media is biased, because they don’t believe in people and they don’t believe in facts. — William Mazzariello

• The lack of neutral journalism is a major problem in our country. — Marc Auger

• A true leader would never threaten the press. Only a dictator does that. — Shay Seaborne

• The press threatens truth of information when presented to the American people. The president is just calling them out for who they really are and what they do. — Vic San

• I feel the press is failing as a whole across the nation. — Brady Allen

• It’s history being repeated. Just look back to Nazi Germany. Political parties became more polarized and started to spread disinformation through propaganda (today, like Hannity/Fox/Limbaugh/O’Reilly/Trump/RNC, etc.), and the public began to distrust the mainstream press (like today’s “fake news”) and political parties. Truth became something that Germans found difficult to ascertain. That distrust paved the Nazi Party’s way to power. Once the Nazis seized power, the press lost its freedom virtually overnight. — Mary Anderson

• That train has sailed. — Deb Sudduth-Bates

• We never had fake news till we had a fake president. — Jimmy Cox