Speak Out: New social gathering guidelines outlined

As Delaware experiences a surge of COVID-19 positive cases and hospitalizations, the last week in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. The new guidelines lowered the capacity for indoor dining at restaurants from 60% to 30%. All other indoor gatherings outside of homes must also be limited to 30% of the venue’s stated fire capacity, up to a cap of 50 people. Private indoor gatherings in homes must now be capped at no more than 10 people.

• Needs to be stricter. — Robin Brabson-Christopher

• Hopefully, everybody will stop buying all the toilet paper and paper towels. — Angela Garrett

• Restaurants are only 30%. I think it’s way more, or they’re not listening.. — Renee Marie

• If I want to have 137 friends at my own private residence, I will. If you want to live in a bubble, then do so but don’t tell me how to live my life and surely don’t tell me how many people can be at my house. — Keith Dalton

• I hope you never experience the pain of losing a friend or loved one to COVID. Because I did. And so did the families of more than 700 in Delaware. — Alexus Meding

• Some people are OK with other people dying, so they don’t make temporary adjustments. It’s a pandemic, and no one is taking my liberties away. I choose to follow the guidelines because I’m not selfish.  — Julie Penny-Stowell

• One hundred thirty-two people died in car accidents last year. Seven hundred thirty-nine have died from a contagious disease in eight months. — Dale Bert

• What people do in their own private residence is absolutely none of your concern. — Renay Linn

• I’ll have as many as I like. — Tina Kobus

• And when the grandmother of one of your guests dies from the virus acquired at your house from another guest, you going to be OK with that? How will you repent? — John McCarthy

• Baaaaaaa. — Tina Kobus

• Wonder how well that would have worked for you during WWII when blackouts were imposed. We aren’t the first of generations that are asked to make sacrifices. No one is asking for your first-born child. — Dawn McCafferty