Speak Out: No timetable for Phase 3, says Carney

There is no timetable for Delaware to move to Phase 3 of its reopening plan following the shutdown put in place to help curb the spread of COVID-19, Gov. John Carney said. While he noted the state’s COVID-19 numbers keep improving, he said a move to Phase 3 would send a message that the virus is no longer a threat.

• It is no longer a threat! Not a threat worth shutting down life! Life comes with all kinds of risks. Save us from these evil men who seek to control our lives. — Mary Crossan Criscuolo

• How is life shut down? People are out and about, businesses are open, and tourists are clogging our roads and filling our beaches. And evil men? Where are you living? By attempting to slow the spread of a deadly virus with no known remedies, people are evil? — Erin Outten

• On what planet is it no longer a threat? Tell that to those who thought the same in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi and Arizona. — Michael Jones

• According to the “science,” we fit all the requirements to move to Phase 3. So, it’s not about the science, the economy or the thousands of lives and businesses he’s destroyed. — Steve Durnan

• Delawareans have gone through the last few months of wearing their masks for nothing now that all of the anti-mask Republicans have screwed the rest of the country up. — Rick Reed