Speak Out: No witnesses

The Senate rejected the idea of summoning witnesses for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial late Friday, all but ensuring his acquittal. But senators considered pushing off final voting on his fate to this week.

• Great news. The Dems already had witnesses in the House. Enough is enough. — Rod Fessler

• Remember, Democrats refused to allow Republicans the right to call witnesses during the House hearings. — Rick N Roberta Smith

•Remember the Constitution never said they have to. Effectively the House is a grand jury and they served an indictment. That then is taken to the trial in the senate. Trials usually have witnesses. — Dale Lambert

•Unless there is no substantial evidence, in which case there is no hearing. — Chad Kosack

•Let’s impeach him again and call witnesses to his crimes. — Michael W Kessler

•What the Senate is basically poised to conclude – and correctly so – is that the “charges” (emphasis on quotes) are illegitimate. The reality of the world we live in is, in partisan politics, Everything the other side does is an “Abuse of Power” from your point of view. If the House wants to remove the president from office, they need to draft additional articles of impeachment that charge solicitation of a bribe, violation of the Impoundment Control Act, or some other actual impeachable offense.— John Daliani

• Sad day for American truth and justice overturning 200 years of precedent I know shouldn’t be but I’m shocked and I don’t even want to tell my kids. No point in even watching anymore because it’s not a trial, it’s just a cakewalk for him at this point and so many people are not going to have a sense of resolution. — Heather Duffy

• They are not going to spend tons of money on a trial when election time is approaching. This was all a lot of smoke and mirrors. We are mad why is my question. He never changed he is the exact same man he was on the day he won election. No change at all. Honestly he is the only president that speaks exactly how he feels from day one. — Daniele Marie June

• The evidence is there but the Reps just don’t want to believe it or they are accepting the wrongdoing as normal business. It’s a shame that everyone knows there is more evidence and info out there but some members are choosing to ignore it.— Merv Sparks

•If there was evidence, it would have come out when the House was hearing the articles in the first place. Anyone who believes wrongdoing here is essentially spitting in the face of the Ukranian president and saying his word isn’t good enough. — Joe Kepner

• Total waste of time and taxpayers’ money. They all need to be voted out and we need to start fresh.— Vincent J Deskiewicz Sr

• Sad day for the Constitution and the United States today. Dictator wins; the people lose. — R Tamer Peel