Speak Out: Nor’easter forecast: rain, winds

The impending nor’easter brought with it a couple of National Weather Service hazardous weather outlooks — including a wind advisory and a coastal flood warning — for Kent and Sussex counties, which resulted in a NWS wind advisory and coastal flood warning

• Get to Pickering Beach while you can. A few more of these storms with them not rebuilding the beach from dredging for over five more years will most likely result in it not being around by then. — Steven Turtlepops

• Why should we spend the tax dollars of the masses to preserve the beaches of the few? ’Tis folly man. Let the sea reclaim ’em. — Tommy Bou

• I forgot to grab my milk, bread and bathroom tissue! — Michael Jones

State’s COVID hospitalizations hit another record

The number of individuals in Delaware hospitals with COVID-19 set a record for the fourth consecutive day last week, according to a Delaware Division of Public Health update. The number (at that time was) up to 363 hospitalizations, an increase of 15 compared to the day prior and 75 compared to that time the previous week. Critical cases of hospitalizations increased to 49 — up 12 compared to last week.

• Remember when some people said it would be gone on Nov. 3? — Tommy Bou

• I don’t know why some Republicans are so upset. They just voted in the best Republican money can buy! — Beth Gallagher

• 1. Disasters are managed by states, not feds. 2. Feds only support states. 3. If this is the worst it has ever been, why aren’t we shut down like March, April and May? Idea: Dec. 15 (day after Electoral College party at DSU), it will be announced the state is closing. Can’t have a big political shindig while closed. Played! — Brian Cullen

• More fearmongering. — Daniel Korup