Speak Out: Nursing home staff receives COVID vaccine

Silver Lake Center in Dover, a Genesis HealthCare-affiliated nursing home, was one of the first in the country to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

• Honestly, the fact they want us to take a vaccine with 94%-95% rate of success for a virus with a 99% survival rate … those numbers don’t add up. — Jennifer Rambo

• The vaccine doesn’t have a 94%-95% survival rate. It’s 95% effective. This isn’t Russian roulette. One percent mortality rate on 5% of the population is a lot smaller total death number than 1% on 100% of the population that contracts the virus. This is math, not magic.— Jay Whitby

• I meant effective, but didn’t correct it. But still. — Jennifer Rambo

• Health care workers don’t have the choice if they want their jobs. — Rachel Nelson Ray

• You don’t have to get the COVID vaccine to keep your job. You just tell them no. Like I did. I’m still employed. — Sunnee Hills