Speak Out: Obamacare at issue

Readers reacted to the recent Commentary headlined “Gutting ‘Obamacare’ would harm more than health of Americans” by Simon F. Haeder, an assistant professor of public policy at Penn State University.

• I have yet to see a person who needed insurance that thought the Universal Healthcare Act was a bad idea. I am more than certain, that, even the writer of this article has insurance in place. — Sean D Cartwright

•A lot of things are good ideas, should you be forced to buy it. — Jeff Grzeszczak

• Well, those of us who had insurance through our employer are paying for it, and were lied to in order to get us there. So, if you are out there, you’re welcome, I guess. — Matt Bucher

•Once it was required that everyone have it, the quality went down and the price went through the roof. There is nothing affordable about that trash!— Jami Lynn Murrell-Rexrode

•It was and is NOT an affordable option for insurance if you have to pay full price and don’t qualify for any sort of assistance. Family of four base plan was over $1,000/month. The best part was until President Trump took office, middle class families were penalized $2,500 a year in additional taxes for rejecting insurance. I couldn’t afford it in the first place, additional taxes weren’t helpful, either . And just so we’re clear, I needed insurance for myself and my family and thought Obamacare was nothing but an overpriced bad idea for middle class families. —— Heather Laskey

• People were scammed into believing they would be helped by this. They were not. Anyone who had insurance lost it or are paying five to eight times more for the same coverage. Most can’t afford the affordable health care they were told they would get. Explain to me why this shouldn’t be gutted. — Kime Rutledge Hill

• Obamacare is one of the biggest crimes against the people of the U.S. in history. Kill it and bury it now! — Mark Schmalhofer

•I don’t know you, but I’m sure glad for you that you are healthy, will always be healthy, the same for all of your family and everyone you have ever known. Or maybe you had a wonderful career like I did, now collecting a fat retirement check like I am and have healthcare for life, but if you don’t or just don’t plan to ever pay any medical bills you might incur you might want this no matter how bad it is right now and pray that it survives and in the future strengthened and made more affordable.— Denney Lafferty