Speak Out: Offering a blueprint for remote learning

Gov. John Carney recently announced that Delaware schools can use a hybrid of in-person classes and remote learning this fall. Some schools will have a combination of remote and in-person instruction. Many schools are planning to start the year fully remote while plans to safely return to the classroom are finalized. As a lifelong teacher, I support that approach. Many of our school buildings are crowded and poorly ventilated — half of the classrooms I taught in had no windows — and we need more time to come up with the safest, most effective return plans. But online-only learning has its challenges, too.

• A comprehensive (and scary) overview of the many challenges ahead as our children start school again. It would be great if the Legislature could develop a data-driven process to capture the size and location of the current roadblocks in fulfilling these needs. The Legislature needs to provide the leadership and resources to remove these roadblocks to success for our children. This is an enormous challenge for school administrators, teachers, families and students. Legislators up and down the state need to be engaged. A perfect example of why the legislators need to return to a special session! — Bill Bowden