Speak Out: Officials warn of renewed COVID-19 restrictions

State officials issued a warning of possible restrictions if Delaware’s COVID-19 numbers continue to rise. Dr. Karyl Rattay, the director of the Delaware Division of Public Health, said at the state’s weekly COVID-19 press briefing that DPH is looking at social activities where the virus is being transmitted. The state is currently experiencing a spike in positivity not seen since the height of the pandemic earlier this year.

• Tell me what I can or can’t do on my property. I dare y’all. — Jonathan Long

• Remember how careful everyone was in March? Do it again now. Cases and hospitalizations are skyrocketing nationwide. We’ll be shut down by Thanksgiving. — Eddie Curley

• Sheeples. — Debra Scott Lardieri

• Wear your mask, and we can avoid many of these restrictions. — Susan Janis