Speak Out: On Division Street; Dover gun violence

On Division Street

Readers reacted to a recent Letter to the Editor headlined “Traffic woes in Dover” wherein he says “The addition of a two-way bicycle path on Division Street (Route 8) at the railroad tracks has definitely hindered the flow of traffic and created a safety issue. The loss of a paved improved shoulder lane along with vehicle parking adjacent to the auto repair business has created nothing but a nightmare.”

• If it’s adults using the bike lane, they likely have cars and pay taxes. If it’s kids, then their parents likely have cars and pay taxes. One less car on the road is less wear and tear on the roads, and a little less pollution, and a lessening in traffic, all of which “contributes to the maintenance of the state’s roadways.” — Lezlie Eustis

• People of Dover will find every reason to complain about every attempt at modernizing the city of Dover. — Gary Lewis

• Bike lanes is modernizing? — Paul Kennedy

• Yes. Many cities have bike lanes and have made biking a more viable way of transportation. — Gary Lewis

• Doesn’t make it useful when vehicles park in the bike lane. — Christina Fitzwater

• Dupont is the worst street, so much congestion. — Debbie O’Brien

Dover gun violence

Readers reacted to a story about two men who were shot in Dover who were on the porch of a residence in the 100 block of South New Street around 2:47 a.m. Monday.

• Because everyone sits out on their porch at 2:47 a.m. — Rick Reed

• Why shouldn’t they? Are you blaming the victims? — Mark Fisher

• I used to when I worked overnights, but I also lived in a nice neighborhood where I knew it was safe to do so. — Tiffany Burton

• What do you think will happen if you are outside on New Street at 2:47 a.m.? — Bob Hice

• Take a bulldozer and level the whole street. — Jim Sawchak

• This is why your mom tells you to be in your home when the streetlights come on. — Heather Laskey

• Seems to be happening daily now. Our lawmakers seem overly concerned with protecting criminals.and that probably doesn’t help. The only folks that they have any chance at disarming are law-abiding citizens. Criminals with guns will continue doing what they do until society starts holding them accountable. — Bob D Hartman

• Some of these comments are very idiotic and disappointing. How about positive ways on how to reach out to the community and find ways to build better community-oriented facilities besides dollar stores and liquor stores? Find ways to educate and mentor our younger culture. Bulldozing a street is not the answer. — James Demko