Speak Out: Our kids are being held hostage

Are European kids different? Most European schools resumed as early as April 15 (Denmark). Germany has alternated days. Thus far, it has gone really well. Why, after many states are on a downward trend (hospitalizations and deaths), can’t our schools open, even if it is part-time?

• Closing the schools and keeping them closed was and is a mistake. Unless the teacher or student is medically compromised, then make other arrangements for them. Kids are not spreading this virus. Advice to parents: If you pay school taxes, you need to speak up now! — Tomy Randolph

• Making a comparison with Germany and Denmark — both of which have handled the virus epidemic more than four times better than the United States as a whole and five times better than Delaware — just doesn’t make sense.  — Richard Schwager

• “Are European kids different?” No, but their adults are much less worried about their “freedom” and do what is necessary to fix a problem. — Benjamin Black

• If we did as good a job as Europe did with the virus, perhaps we could reopen like they have. — Susan Janis

• Better “held hostage” than dead. We’ll see how the private/religious schools do with kids jammed together five days a week. — Deby Daly

• Would have been nice if our president had taken this seriously five months ago or followed the science or used the numbers to dictate the behavior or, you know, behaved like a president. U.S. Sen. Rick Scott wants schools to reopen, but he said his grandchildren won’t be in them. — William Mazzariello