Speak Out: Outlining steps for reopening

Widespread testing, along with a decline in the number of new coronavirus cases, will be needed for Delaware’s economy to gradually reopen. Delaware Gov. John Carney said Tuesday that the state is following the guidance of the White House task force document “Opening Up America Again.” That guidance has three phases, along with gating criteria to meet before beginning each phase. The first check box is a decline in cases.

• The Dems have been running Delaware forever and it sucks! They give money to corporations like Bloom Energy, Fisker, and others. How have they worked out? And I don’t support and did not vote for Trump,– Cal Staple

• The truth is painful for these Trump worshipers and the GOP currently in power, who are now just fine with killing off the elderly population. – Mary Claire Krager

• When you find yourself stuck in a hole stop digging. – Steve Durnan

• “Breaking: Atlanta announces plans to reopen now that they have a 28-3 lead on COVID-19.” – David Stevens

• Step one is throwing this circus clown out of office. – Jeff Trader

• Why don’t you step up and run? – John Smith

• Early on Republicans stated “the Democrats are going to politicize this.” Fast forward to now, and Republicans are having political rallies during stay-at-home orders. Pot, meet kettle.  – Eddie Curley

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