Speak Out: Poll says Biden, Carney to coast to victory here

Joe Biden, along with a slate of Democrats running for statewide offices in Delaware, hold commanding leads ahead of Nov. 3’s election. A poll conducted released Monday by the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication has 54% of likely voters in the First State backing former Vice President Biden, the Democratic nominee and longtime senator from Delaware.

• I don’t believe any of the polls. Just wait till the silent majority speaks up. – Jennifer Barth

• Totally agree. Clinton was supposed to be a shoo-in. – Laurel Sadusky Nash

• Just imagine the progress our country could have made under an actual leader as opposed to what we are experiencing currently. – Mark Mccreary

• Polls were right. She had 3 million more votes. The people spoke but Electoral College won. – Dy Bowen

• Where was this silent majority during the primaries? – Christine Brock

• There is no silent majority. – Andrew Curtin

• Nothing will change until the opposition comes up with real and better answers to what’s already being offered. – Jeff Brown