Speak Out: President Trump and labor unions

One of the nation’s largest labor unions is unveiling plans to invest $150 million in a nationwide campaign to help defeat President Donald Trump, a sweeping effort focused on eight battleground states and voters of color who typically don’t vote.

• $150 million. Think of how many mouths that will feed our people. It could help get on their feet. Instead, they spend it on a campaign that isn’t guaranteed a win. Wow. — Heather Laskey

• Actually the Democratic candidates are pretty much guaranteed to lose, regardless of which one wins the Democratic nomination to appear on the general election ballot. Not a single one has a clue of what their so-called platform of “free” everything will entail or cost. Because bottom line, there is no such thing as free. There is always a cost and in politics that cost is passed on to the middle and lower class workers, taxpayers, retirees and disabled. To vote into office any of the current Democratic candidates is to ensure their focus is to enact programs that will result in everyone below the 1% to pay out 75 cents, or more, of every $1 earned in taxes while lining their pockets. — Victoria M. Olds

•That is so untrue! Not all of the Democratic candidates are touting free “everything”, and the few who are have proposed a small percentage tax rate for the top wealthiest people- whom are indeed currently “lining their pockets”, courtesy of Trump’s tax cuts — to help offset the cost. Of course nothing is free, but Democrats want to enact humanistic social programs that help “everyone below the 1%”, and save the ones already in place that we all pay for through our taxes. — Mary Claire Krager

• Yes us middle and lower class people will pay a percentage of taxes for healthcare but the bigger picture is worth it. no cost healthcare!! Also, like Bernie said, there is socialized corporatism and that works for the rich. Why can’t we have socialized healthcare? Why can’t the rich pay? — Jennifer Snyder

• This is the problem with union leadership. Trump is the only person working to bring back our good job to America, reworking all the trade deals, fighting for the middle class every single day, cutting regulations to help expand our businesses, and fighting to keep the borders closed to keep out illegal labor. The Democrats sent our jobs overseas, the Democrats didn’t rework any trade deals, the Democrats aren’t doing anything for the middle class, and the Democrats are fighting every single day to keep the borders wide open and keep our country flooded with illegals that drive down wages.

Obama told everyone, “those jobs aren’t coming back, and Trump is actually bringing them back! That is all the proof we need right there! Seems like the union leadership is not representing the members! All the rank and file members I know voted for Trump in 2016 and are voting for Trump again in 2020. — Marc Auger

•He has had three years. Wages are at a standstill. His job creations were all lower-paying minimum wage jobs. Basically pushing more people into poverty-level earning. — Dennis Norwood