Speak Out: Pro-Trump rally turns violent

A violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and forced lawmakers into hiding in a stunning attempt to overturn America’s presidential election, undercut the nation’s democracy and keep Democrat Joe Biden from replacing Trump in the White House.

• An attempted coup gone wrong. This was not a peaceful protest. Those were thugs who trespassed, stole mail and tried to intimidate people. At the end of the day, what they were trying to do didn’t work. Listen to that leaked audio of Rudy Giuliani. He left it on the wrong mailbox, and that person leaked it anonymously. The plan was to push back the vote so they could get more Republicans to overturn the certification. Backfired big time! We all sat back and watched because we knew what was coming. They got punked and used. — Marie Young

• Today was the day I stopped buying this newspaper. Tired of the half-truths. — Robert Hawthorne

• The headline is literal. It was a pro-Trump rally, and four people died, one from a gunshot. — Joe Frggale

• No mention of the agitators … just blaming Trump again. — Robert Hawthorne

• Yeah, reporting facts is now too liberal for some Republicans.Trump was the main agitator. — William Mazzariello

• Yeah, we can’t have people reporting an act of terrorism in our nation, can we? Support our troops who defend our nation against terror! Support the war, which we’ve been fighting for 20 years. The war has full-circled back into our Capitol building, where we do nothing because the faces are White and the hair is blonde. — Vawter Amanda

• What did you expect them to print? It’s exactly what happened. — Sally Turner

• I doubt if they will miss your bit of money. I think they should have stopped giving Trump and his blind followers coverage a long time ago. I don’t live in Trump’s fantasy world. — Lani Cotton

• This will be used to justify mass censorship. Personally, I’m boycotting all nonessential spending money this year. I hope Wall Street tanks. — Beth Gallagher

• See these people’s faces. Prosecute them! — Latda Toscano