Speak Out: Program aims to offer inmates tuition assistance

Delaware recently announced a new partnership aimed at providing college-level instruction to inmates. The collaboration between the Department of Correction, the Department of Education and Delaware Technical Community College takes advantage of the Second Chance Pell Experiment, a federal initiative that lets incarcerated individuals with need-based federal Pell Grants enroll in postsecondary programs.

• Nice, but what about those folks who don’t break the laws and still could use some assistance?! — Howard Gaines III

• SEED program. — Joe Frggale

• All community college education should be public-paid like K-12. Call it K-14. — Susan Janis

• And those of us who are not criminals are stuck with over $60,000 in student loans that will take our entire lives to pay off.. — Maya Rigby

• I think it’s a great idea to fund their education. I’ve noticed that whenever there’s something about the less fortunate among us, many of you complain about it as if you personally are paying for it or it’s being taken away from you. How about do as much complaining and whining about that massive permanent tax cut that Trump gave to the wealthy with the personal cuts subject to increase? Or the corporate welfare million dollars farmers receive, which exceeds all social welfare programs combined. But no, it’s the poor among us that you people belittle. — Michael Jones

Biden chides Trump for lack of cooperation on vaccine

President-elect Joe Biden met last week with governors from both parties and criticized President Donald Trump’s unprecedented attempt to block the peaceful transition of power, saying it was hindering the flow of information about programs to develop a vitally important coronavirus vaccine.

• When will someone ask this man a real question? All questions are “How bad is Trump?” “How many people is Trump killing?” — Bob Hice

• Let’s say the votes in major White populations of West Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas were being called for elimination by President Obama. Would you Trump lovers not cry foul? — Michael Jones

• Trump places himself over country. Sad, but true. — Susan Janis