Speak Out: Public school numbers dip

In an academic year where COVID-19 loomed large, Delaware saw a decrease in public school students and a rise in home schools. It’s the first time in at least a decade Delaware has seen a decrease in public school enrollment.

• And our school taxes should be lowered, too! — Howard Gaines III

• Our taxes are among the lowest in the area. — Ellen Bonnes

• I wonder why. If private schools had special-needs accommodations, I would’ve pulled my kids from public months ago. — Shyla Lyons

• Why on Earth anyone would send their kids to “school” virtually if they’re not having to work is beyond me. Hybrid learning is trash. — Katherine Hannah

• Public schools have not changed in decades. Still overcrowded. With so many empty buildings, you could have moved classrooms into these. Kids deserve better. — Don J. Arvay

• Too many problems. Delaware ranks very low in public education nationwide. Public education was designed to educate and prepare children and young adults for the future. Not feed, clothe, discipline. Many of these problems start at home. Teachers in public schools have too much of a burden. Teacher unions, at times, are also another hurdle. — George Riley

Emergency workers receive vaccine

Some Kent County first responders were feeling a bit better on the inside after receiving COVID-19 vaccines recently.

• So what? Get your shot and shut up. This isn’t newsworthy. — David A. Gibson

• The new “in thing”: Take a video and post your vaccination for public viewing. — Darin Hoffman

• No, thanks. You can donate my shot to someone else. — Danielle Starkey

• Made it this far without it. — Tyler Beguiler

• Thank you, Delaware first responders, for everything you do! Can’t wait until it’s my turn! — Elizabeth Magnani

• How many days in a row are we going to see a person getting a shot on the front page? It’s not news anymore? — Will Garfinkel

• It’s free advertising for Pharma. Look at the billboards for the flu vaccine. They are going to keep shoving it in people’s faces, so they will sign up and pay for the shot. — Beth Gallagher

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