Speak Out: Punkin Chunkin home

Organizers of the Punkin Chunkin last week said they are looking to return the charity event somewhere on Delmarva, closer to its founding roots in Sussex County.

Following a sanctioned, but smaller-sized 2019 event staged in Rantoul, Illinois, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association is asking to “Bring Us Home.”

“We had a great event in Illinois,” said Frank Payton, president of the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association. “One of the things was we missed a lot of our ‘family,’ because a lot of the other chunkers couldn’t travel that far. I mean it was essentially a 13-hour drive from Delaware.”

We’re looking to see if we can bring it a little bit closer. A five-hour radius would be better than the 13-hour radius,” said Mr. Payton. “We promised an event in 2019 and we stuck to our promise. And we want to see what we can do to promise another in 2020 — however, closer to home.”

A press release on Punkin Chunkin’s website states, “Our dedicated World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association family worked tirelessly throughout the year to rebuild what many believed to be a lost cause and create an event that instilled pride in the volunteers, teams and fans in attendance. While we consider the 2019 event a success, we also realize that the distance from our ‘home base’ here in Sussex County precluded many people from attending.”

•Again? — Bob Hice

•Not again! I thought we finally had heard the last of this ridiculous event in Delaware. 🙄— Diane Duerr Partridge

•It’s not a ridiculous event. It was a great event that started small and grew over the years. It got national attention and drew fans near and far. It generated revenue. Till some clown sued the property owners because he hurt himself on a 4 wheeler. Then the property owners were done with it. Since then it has srtuggled to find a home due to the large amount of land required and insurance costs. — Bob Hice

•This is not a ridiculous event. Educating yourself on the charities and scholarships that this event has provided would be very beneficial. — Cyndie Johnson

•Charities yes good, scholarships yes good, etc. But anyone that is a lifetime local will likely feel the way this Sussex county girl feels. Pumpkin chunkin’ was best when it was a small local yocal weekend party. When it grew, it ruined it. — Sheila M Smith

•It’s not even cost worthy to do for a land owner. Then the risk of getting sued on top of it. — Jeff Grzeszczak

•They only want us when nobody else wants them — David Lepter