Speak Out: Pure politics?

Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor by M. Jane Brady, entitled “Impeachment is ‘pure politics.’”

•Are politics more important than our country? Should the crimes, divisional practices, and immoral behavior be overlooked by a political party? The answer is no. Trump is wrong. Jane Brady is an attorney, judge and head of the Delaware Republican Party — hence, the political opinion. — R Tamer Peel

• He has done nothing for which he should be impeached. His only misdeed was being elected president. This was a crime the Democrats couldn’t live with. — Mary Grampp Brown

• Ukraine funds were suspended, after Congress’ approval of them, 91 minutes after the phone call. — Eddie Curley

•The biggest travesty is that our hard-earned money, in the form of tax dollars, is being wasted left and right. I’m against all foreign aid. America first! — Mark Schmalhofer

• As a former prosecutor and attorney general, which of your many defendants ignored subpoenas while his cohorts were saying of course he committed the crime? — William Mazzariello

•We should be thankful for what he has done in our economy and other areas. — Carolyn Levin

•This was a joke and political move. — Brady Allen

• Let’s look at other presidents: Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and many others. Tell me they didn’t use their power to do the same, if not worst. — Cindy Christiansen

• As a former Democrat, I see several violations of due process of law that were committed by the House majority. Now the House Majority Democrats are using the same abuses they used during the hearings — delaying from selecting the managers before they went on vacation. That was very least they should have, and had time enough to do before going on vacation, and now stalling a process they argued was brought about because the actions of the POTUS, according to Democrat House members characterized President Trump as an immediate threat to the nation.

So my question is, where exactly is that immediate threat? Obviously there wasn’t that much of a threat, otherwise the House majority would have been willing to do as they said they were doing during this charade under the label of defending our country and the Constitution. Meanwhile the Democrat party has showed, time and time again in this debauchery they called a crisis, as only political grandstanding and disappointment that they lost the last election by an electoral college landslide. That was not supposed to happen in states that in the past voted Democrat, like Michigan and Wisconsin. Our nation hasn’t been safer since President Trump took office, in over 50 years! Ironically that is about the time the Joe Biden started his political career, 50 years ago when he ran as a Democrat for the New Castle County Council

Oh, you can say that is what Nancy wants to be assured of, a fair trial. However the fairness was tossed out of the committee doors in the House and they were actually too hasty with what they decided was impeachable offenses. — Earl Lofland