Speak Out: Putin’s, McConnell’s takes on impeachment

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that U.S. President Donald Trump was impeached for “far-fetched” reasons, calling the move by Democrats a continuation of their fight against the Republican leader.

“It’s simply a continuation of internal political struggle,” Putin said at his end-of-year news conference in Moscow. “The party that lost the (2016) election, the Democratic Party, is trying to achieve results by other means.”

• Even he can see through it. — Loretta Pramick

• Of course Trump’s partner is going to say the same exact thing as Trump. — Eddie Dillard

•It’s a known fact that the results of all of the investigations were that the Democrats were involved in collusion with the Russians, not Trump or the Republicans — Lisa Garber

• Of course – he wants his asset to remain in the White House for the next five years. — Kenneth Dickerson

• How bout you worry about being a dictator in your country and we will worry about trying to remove ours. — Sabrina Kennedy

Because when Romney brought up Russia being a threat to Obama he made fun of him. The liberal media works with the Democrats so that’s why you didn’t hear about the Russian threat until Trump won the election and Democrats had to look for something to blame on them losing. — Ryan Fenimore

• What business is this to the Russians? Oh, yeah, I forgot. — Josephina Duckery

• Can any of my Democrat friends not see through the BS that Pelosi and Nadler pulled? Impeachment is supposed to be for crimes committed, not deciding to impeach and then looking to see if you can find a crime. — Chris Behrens

The top Senate Republican on Thursday denounced the “most unfair” House impeachment of President Donald Trump and reassured Trump and his supporters that “moments like this are why the United States Senate exists.”

Signaling in the strongest terms yet that the GOP-controlled Senate will acquit Trump, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky declared that the House impeachment “risks deeply damaging the institutions of American government.”

•Those against McConnell’s obstruction of Congress and justice will protest against him, all 100 million, and then more than likely will go to DC and/or Kentucky. McConnell is an obstructionist of Congress and justice. — R Tamer Peel

•Spoiled children like this president and McConnell are used to getting their way and can’t handle it when they’re told no. — Brendan Warner

•And the Dems aren’t acting like spoiled brats? Yeah OK, more corruption and abuse of power on the Democrat side then on the Republican side but both sides are corrupt as hell. — Rich Mcnaught