Speak Out: Recidivism rankings

Delaware is among the worst states for recently released inmates, according to a recent study by the PrisonEd Foundation — a Utah-based inmate advocacy group.

In the study, released in late July, Delaware was noted as second only to Alaska in terms of being the least “friendly” to former inmates.

However, five states (Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon and Texas) weren’t considered in the ranking due to their insufficient data reporting.

The states were ranked based on four primary data points; the number of reentry programs, number of current and ex-inmates, background check restrictions and re-incarceration percentages.

The study claims that Delaware has a three-year recidivism rate of 64.90 percent, 8 percent of the state’s population being either a current or former inmate and a total of five reentry programs.

• I would question both the high and low stats since I’ve lived in both Delaware and California. These stats seem tainted since I know California to be a very high-crime state!! Just remember, they’ve now done away with bail bondsmen (in some states), so nobody really has to pay for their crimes. — Karen Cross Ward

• Delaware’s the worst for most anything. Moving from here within two years. I’ve lived here for almost 60 years and have seen this once proud state ruined. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• We moved here from California 30 years ago. Love my rural area but a lot of things have changed for the worse in my opinion. We slap people on the hand for things they would have been locked up for in most other states, and I know in California, they don’t play with you, unless things have changed that much there. You can basically get away for murder here. — Dana Watford Kavanagh

• Delaware should not be known as a place to be a criminal and have ease of access back to normalcy. — Jason Rextc

• Because all the jobs are taken by people who aren’t supposed to be here. — Sara Hisaw Lancaster

• For anyone paying attention, this is not a surprise. We need massive criminal justice reform now. Lower recidivism rates are good for all of Delaware. When some of us do better, all of us do better. — Eric Morrison

• Politicians could always win reelection by saying they are tough on crime. Biden’s Crime Bill in ‘94 was a draconian and repressive legislation that handed out basketball sentences to non violent offenders. Bad for them, good for him. It did nothing to stem drugs or crime but it got him a lifetime appointment to the Senate, effectively. — Allen Handy

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