Speak Out: Rehoboth Beach reopening

Delaware’s first Memorial Day weekend in a post-COVID world went smoothly, Gov. John Carney said Monday, noting most people he saw in Rehoboth Beach were properly social distancing and following related rules. “What I saw today really impressed me with respect to how folks were wearing face coverings on the boardwalk as required and some as recommended on the beach and how, on the beach, folks were spread out,” the governor said.

• Wearing face masks on the boardwalk is stupid and should be your choice – Doug Fonner

• Just like wearing a seatbelt in your car? – William Mazzariello

• Is it just me or is it a shame we let a virus be politicized? We let them divide us over it when we should have came together for once even if it was temporary. – Shawn Knox

• Perhaps when some of you entitled cry babies are tasked with the health and safety of nearly 1 million residents instead of just yourselves, maybe you’d see the big picture!! Get over yourselves. Do what you wish in your personal circle and homes, but some of us like to use a little common sense until we fully understand the nature of something that has completely changed the world, not just your little zip code. It’s crazy. Tell some of these folks there’s the potential they could spontaneously combust by walking out the front door, and they’ll go put gasoline drawers on and roll out. – Mike Wright