Speak Out: Republicans nominate Trump

The Republican Party formally nominated President Donald Trump for a second term in the White House on Monday.

• Did you miss the Republicans in the Senate finally determining that the Trump campaign did receive help or did Fox News skip that news? — Chris Henry

• I served 23 years for people to support a traitor in the White House. — Crystal Hamilton

• Independents need to come up with a worthy enough candidate. This two-party system has done nothing to help our country. — Christian Orendorf

• Folks, it’s working with Trump, so what we need are less career politicians and more effective and efficient businessmen and -women. — Vic San

• Tell the 170,000 dead people “it’s working.” — Jess Mortillfem

• In 2001, we were dealing with foreign terrorists. In 2020, we’re dealing with domestic terrorists. Far worse. — Jesse Keleher

• Did anyone notice that not once did anyone send sympathy, nor acknowledge the lives lost ? — Joanne Harris Herrick

State to invest millions in broadband

Rural Woodbridge School District is among Delaware’s schools facing online challenges within its community during the coronavirus crisis.

• Why is it the responsibility of the U.S. and state taxpayers to pay for and provide infrastructure for private companies to sell internet to their customers? — Marc Auger

• Just like the state regulates other utilities and can mandate changes or updates to service, why should internet be any different? Obama started the push for nationwide broadband in 2008. — Nabeela Jeanne Black Swartz

• Electricity is a regulated industry. Phone and cable are not. That is the difference. — Marc Auger

• All this talk but no action, and with school getting ready this should be on a top priority, but that’s our governor. — Matt Andrews

• Statewide broadband is an essential initiative, especially as people are living more interconnected lives and reliant upon the internet. — Jonathan Arena

• I agree that it is worth the investment to upgrade the infrastructure in Delaware. I wholeheartedly disagree that using the federal funds designated for COVID-19 relief is the proper use of that money. Too many people are jobless from the actions of our governor, and the federal stimulus money needs to be spent getting them through these rough times. — Bob Skuse