Speak Out: Return Day still on, for now

Sussex County Return Day, the post-election tradition unique to Delaware that has weathered rain and other challenges in its 200-plus-year history, is still a “go” as of the mid-August meeting of the Return Day Committee. A state holiday, Return Day is observed the Thursday after Election Day in November every even year.

• The politicians get what they want but forget about us, the ones that put them in office. — Matt Andrews

• It’s a decision made by the Return Day Committee, not the elected officials. — Vince Ryan

• Everyone is quick to point fingers. Jim Bowman of the committee said they made the decision, not Carney. Is it wrong? Sure. But don’t blame a guy who had no part in the decision. Is he benefiting? Maybe, maybe not. I am sure with all the instances Carney has requested small gatherings only, or none at all, you would think his intentions are clear. — Craig Walter

• Great, maybe things are getting back to normal. — Paul Betts

• Are the fife and drum corps going to wear masks and try to play their instruments? — Daniel Korup

• I used to like Carney, but will vote for whoever runs against him. We couldn’t have a festival in my area because the state insisted that attendees could only walk in one direction. At my 55-plus HOA, we were told state police were told to check how many people were at our swimming pool. Time for a change. — Eileen Waldron

• It can be done safely. It is Delaware’s most important tradition. — David Facciolo

• Don’t reelect anybody, not even your mama. — Thom May