Speak Out: Roger Stone sentenced

Roger Stone was sentenced Thursday to more than three years in federal prison, following a move by Attorney General William Barr to back off his Justice Department’s original sentencing recommendation.

U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Stone’s crimes demanded a significant time behind bars, but she said the seven to nine years originally recommended by the Justice Department were excessive.

Stone’s lawyers had asked for a sentence of probation, citing his age of 67 years, his health and his lack of criminal history. Instead, he drew 40 months. Jackson also sentenced Stone to two years of probation after his prison time and fined him $20,000.

• Donald Trump’s:

Campaign chair: felon

Deputy campaign chair: felon

Foreign policy adviser: felon

Personal lawyer: felon

National security adviser: felon

Longtime political adviser: felon — Brendan Warner

•It’s called entrapment. — Mark Schmalhofer

•That’s not the point. Another of this president’s “nothing but the best people” is a felon. Everything he touches dies! — Brendan Warner

• Gonna be pardoned in no time.— William Drummond

• Stop the corrupt railroad to prison! It doesn’t just happen to “friends” of Trump. Who among you could withstand investigation by power hungry political machinery that can twist literally anything in to a “ crime”? — Bonnie Peters

• Lying to Congress and witness tampering are pretty clear crimes.— Stephanie Hart

• Well there’s a long list of Democrats guilty of both, but there’s a double standard for the party of can do no wrong. — Doug Reed

• But Congress lying to the American people is acceptable?— Ronald Woods

• Baby molesters. Stalkers. Murders, drug dealers, those who drive drunk and kill don’t get 40 months in jail.— Marie Cutillo Thompson

•But you all would be fine with 40 months if one of those terrible Democrats were found guilty of the same thing.— Brendan Warner

• When will Hillary be locked up for her lies and deceit? — Stephen Jackson

• But. But. But. What about!!! — Eddie Curley

• Surely I don’t have to remind you about Benghazi, private email servers or being under attack in Bosnia? She’s a habitual liar. — Stephen Jackson

• Shall we review all of the past presidents pardons? — Bob Hice