Speak Out: Satanists’ vigil; Russia probe

Satanists’ vigil

The First State Satanists group has received permission from the town of Georgetown to hold a vigil on The Circle Dec. 21 the same date and time as a live nativity spurred by the Good Ole Boy Foundation.

Georgetown Town Manager Gene Dvornick said he received a “Circle Use Permit” request from the Delaware-based group and it has been reviewed and approved.

First State Satanists, a non-theistic modern satanic group, plan to hold a public candlelight vigil in observance of the winter solstice on the Georgetown Circle, the group announced in a press release Friday.

• The beauty of America – freedom of expression! — Jordan Irazabal

• Great to see it used for someone else’s religious freedom. — Matt Andrews

• Are folks offended? I am not offended? Let them have their time to celebrate in their own way. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean we all have to agree, but we all should respect and love each other. — Heather Laskey

• Whatever. I’m just confused by the part where it says they want people to celebrate love. Ugh they worship the devil. — Hilary Ennis

• Non-theistic means they don’t worship anyone/anything. — Erin Williams

• This state is a total disgrace. They have hit the bottom of the barrel! — Joann Cornett

• Everyone be respectful of each other. — Willie Preacher

Handling of Russia probe

Revelations that the FBI committed serious errors in wiretapping a former Trump campaign aide have spurred bipartisan calls for change to the government’s surveillance powers, including from some Republicans who in the past have voted to renew or expand those authorities.

Anger over the errors cited in this week’s Justice Department’s inspector general’s report of the Russia investigation has produced rare consensus from Democrats and Republicans who otherwise have had sharply different interpretations of the report’s findings. The report said the FBI was justified in investigating ties between the campaign and Russia, but criticized how the investigation was conducted.

• They weren’t “errors.” They were premeditated lies. — Kevin Farrell

• One thing wrong, maybe, two things wrong, OK. Maybe so, three things wrong, well now it’s getting iffy. Well their errors go all the way up to 17, 17 errors which have now led them to supposedly “change” the way they handle stuff like this going forward, water it down all you want “some” people know. How to read through the lines. — Christopher Joyce

• When you have 17 FBI “mistakes” made by only Democrats and those 17 “mistakes” specifically target only the right – they are not mistakes! — Marc Auger

• The mistake is they have been exposed and hopefully will pay for such. — William Jamar

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