Speak Out: Save a Lot vacates Dover

Save a Lot grocery store has vacated the Bay Court Plaza shopping center in south Dover.

Of the potential 19 retail sites that are located in the shopping center, only six are currently filled with businesses as Wilmington-based Capano Management is in the process of redeveloping the property.

Capano Management is also in the beginning stages of construction on the adjoining Landing Square office complex, which will make 50,000-square-feet of office space available to potential tenants.

• Aldi basically pushes them out. — Melissa Epperly

• That’s gonna be one big Dollar Tree. — Mandi Mendoza

• The Dollar Tree is going where Value City was actually!! — Kim McGinnis

• How about a nice grocery store or some type of cafe?! We do not need another Dollar Tree!!!! Same old things. — Courtney McGeary McDonald

• We lost our Save a Lots down here in Port Charlotte, Florida too. — Linda Cooper

• How about an arcade, activity center or a go-cart track. something to do! — Linda Valdesere

•We have Shop Rites here in Philly. They are really nice markets (depending on location). A little pricey and I prefer shopping at Giant or Safeway if I’m spending that type of money. Quality for the buck. — Susan Swink Harvey

•I wish Dover would get a Shop Rite. — Carol Roll-Hendershot

• We need a Forman Mills. — Jacquelyn Murray

• Put something there for the teens to do. — Latisha Green

•I hope they treated their employees right, good people. Shame. — Mark Jarman Sr.

•Perhaps some thought should be given to attracting health-oriented businesses to this plaza. The gym provides a good customer base and a health food store (Good News), workout clothing and equipment, health bar and restaurant, might be the right mix of business to help this area grow. — Bob Skuse