Speak Out: School lunches

The Trump administration on Friday proposed rolling back nutrition guidelines for school meals that had been promoted by Michelle Obama as part of her campaign to combat child obesity.

The impact, child nutrition advocates said, will be less fruit and vegetables and more foods like pizza and fries in the school meals program, which serves 30 million children, most from low-income families.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, who announced the rule changes on Obama’s birthday, said they were needed to give schools more flexibility and reduce waste while still providing nutritious and appetizing meals.

Readers reacted on Facebook and online.

• Schools are not prevented from offering whatever they want to. It simply reduces the requirements. If the school doesn’t want to offer healthy and nutritious lunches, shame on the school. — Bob Skuse

• It’s about time. This program was a failure. The amount of wasted food increased by 50%. — Rob Holley

• It’s about time! How about getting rid of the baked items covered in bread crumbs. Bring back the old-fashioned cooked from scratch lunches . Then maybe the kids would stop throwing half or all their lunches away! — Cindy Christiansen

• President Obama continues to occupy this presidents mind. When will he realize that he’ll never measure up to Obama? — Brendan Warner

• You do realize it wasn’t Trump who proposed this, right? — Jessica Chakey

• You may be right. Actually, President Trump has surpassed any and everything that Obama did. — Dean Mills

• I am so glad to hear this. The amount of waste is horrible. The food tastes like crap. How about letting parents worry about what their kids are eating. I promise you they are not getting obese from school lunches. Never have, never will. Give them good they will actually eat and watch testing scores go back up. — Kime Rutledge Hill

•I’m very happy to hear this as well. My son complains about the lunches all the time. They surely don’t serve enough portions for high school level. He said he would rather eat double salad then most of the food they get served. — Crystal Hughes

• Kids should be able to eat pizza. All this did was make the majority of kids not eat a complete meal and they ended up being hungry. — Lisa Garber

• Pizza has been on the menu every single week for the 20-plus years I’ve worked in a school cafeteria, and French fries have been considered a vegetable, along with mashed potatoes and tater tots. — Jill Fendentz Coleman

• This didn’t tell schools that they can’t continue what they are being forced to do. Feel free to to continue to waste taxpayer dollars as all that food gets tossed. — Bob Hice

• This is another example of taxpayer-funding “educational funding” abuse. Keep food service simple, less food waste, cost-efficient. Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries still are more acceptable. — George Riley