Speak Out: Schools must report COVID cases

Gov. John Carney signed the 25th modification to his state of emergency declaration today, which requires Delaware schools to notify families if they become aware of positive cases of COVID-19 in their buildings.

• I also want to be told about kids that have HIV, hepatitis, MRSA or have mental health issues. — Beth Gallagher

• They let you be aware of MRSA. Some children live with grandparents, and some children have issues. Being afraid is not the problem. Like many issues with this country, looking out for one another without being rude is an issue. Whether school or a workplace, you will never learn of someone having HIV. I was told, treat everyone as if they have it — and I’m sure that has a lot to do with the stigma, real or perceived. Honestly, people are already doing this with the virus. So many are conditioned to be afraid to get near anyone — just watch them in the stores, etc. In my not-so-humble opinion, fear is the problem. We have ceased to even look people in the face and make a wide path around them. That’s a very sad “new normal.” The comments in this thread are mind-boggling. It’s the most simple, noninvasive, commonsense public health statement imaginable. Of course it’s a good idea. I worry for our future. — Kevin Maloney

• It is now the third-leading cause of death. The virus doesn’t care if you fear it or not. — Amy Tierney Bowen

• Sensible. — Andy Enright