Speak Out: Senate GOP blocks vote on $2K stimulus

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday blocked Democrats’ push to immediately bring President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks up for a vote.

• As he goes home to his fancy house and goes to eat his dinner that’s prepared by a chef as thousands of people are wondering where they’re going to live and what they’re going to have to feed themselves and their children. — Sherry Lowman

• He’s OK with bailing out banks who screwed over elderly retirees’ pensions, though. — John Corney

• Well, then, let’s just dump $9 billion we don’t have into other countries, while Americans get a simple 2 grand when months of rent is due. — Erin Chronister

• There are over 600 pieces of legislation already sitting on Mitch’s desk that he refuses to put before the Senate! — Rick Reed

• He got that stipulation about people getting tax breaks for buying thoroughbred horses in the COVID bill. Fighting that good fight. — Eddie Curley

• Thank you, senators. That is the wrong way to stimulate the economy. Give it to small businesses to get Americans back to work. — Brady Allen

• Always money in the coffers for wars (hard power), foreign spending (soft power), corporate bailouts and pork barrel projects, but once the people need money for their families, it’s always “the deficit.” — Pete Schonert

• This is why all elected officials need to have term limits. Career politicians care only about themselves. — Kristina Knab

• They are playing dirty politics with our money and our payments. The House passed a clean bill with just a $2,000 increase substitution to the original bill. The Senate (McConnell) rejected the clean House bill, and he wants to add the Section 230 and voter fraud investigation that Trump demands. Those inclusions are dirty, costing you money, delaying the COVID payments and have nothing to do with the original bill. The Democrats will not pass the dirty version of the bill, and McConnell and the Republicans will point to the Democrats as the reason for holding the bill up. — Barry Pugh

• Tax the churches and end corporate welfare. Trim the pork. We would all have free tuition and health care. — Johan Van Oldenbarneveld

• One of the first things that we need to take care of is the old people on Social Security, by giving them a raise that can buy more than two Happy Meals. — Jeff Roe