Speak Out: Should Delaware institute a sales tax?

Delaware state government is facing two years of flat general tax revenue. If instituting a state sales tax becomes a legislative issue, retailers may suffer substantial nonresident sales losses. What are the pros versus the cons of a sales tax?

• Delaware already has a sales tax. It’s called a gross receipts tax. Businesses pay this on income made during the year. This cost is passed on to the consumer. — Bob Hice

• How about adjusting how you use the people’s money? — Howard Gaines III

• No! — Charlie Harper

• Oh, here it comes! — Deborah Grubbs

• Anyone that ever brought this up in the House or Senate served one term. Let us see who is brave enough. – Ron Watson

• There is a sales tax. It’s just disguised as a gross receipts tax paid by retailers. The tax they pay is incorporated into the price of the products you buy. – Bruce Anderson