Speak Out: Should Trump testify?

Readers reacted to Ken Abraham’s recent column headlined “Half truths and misinformation to boost Trump.”

• Same regurgitated dribble from Democrats. Only a sheep of the democrats would think the talking point of Trump not testifying is a credible one. It would be dumb for the president to testify under oath when he doesn’t have to. Democrats sound so dumb when they try to imply that Trump should testify. — Ryan Fenimore

• All of what you wrote was devoid of logic. Why would it be “dumb” if Trump testified? Sure it’ll be dumb of him to do so because of his inability to tell the truth, thus putting his foot in his big mouth as he always does. The only “sheep” are those that believe everything he said and too intellectually lazy to fact check what comes out of his corrupt mouth. — Michael Jones

•If he has nothing to hide, why wouldn’t he wish to testify and let his staff testify to exonerate him? Why has obstructed Congress throughout the entire process (which Congress had to undertake based on the Constitution after receiving plausible evidence that a misdeed had taken place)? — Dan Fluman

• If I refuse a drug test or a sobriety test I am deemed high or drunk and dismissed from my job and or driving a car, it is a basic right. This clown is the “president.” The rights he denies others, as the chief law enforcement officer (which in itself is a joke) should only be placed upon him as well. He is not higher than the law. Funny how the party of law and order, fiscal responsibility and family values which are excellent tenants of a group of a once fine people have gone from Republican to Trumpist. Literally the exact opposite. Make no mistake they are polar opposites. — Brendan Sebstad

• He is not above the law. He is not a dictator or monarch. Our Eonstitution defines this. Yet you are insinuating he is some sort of untouchable? — Dennis Norwood

• Yep, definitely an abuse of power if it wasn’t for all the hatred of Trump. Folks should be outraged at this! While the inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, debunked the claims by President Trump and his allies that senior F.B.I. officials were part of a political conspiracy, his investigation also exposed a litany of errors and inaccuracies by which case agents cherry-picked the evidence about Mr. Page as they sought permission to eavesdrop on his calls and emails. Targeting political rivals. — Mark Fisher

• Ken Abraham’s commentary is one of the most absurd commentaries I have ever read. It reminds me of a toddler having a temper tantrum (in this case because he disagreed with Ms. Beverly Monahan). It is time for Abraham to stop his diatribes, calling people names and spewing his own misleading statements after he accused Ms. Monahan of doing that. — Frederick Smiga