Speak Out: Smyrna stays unbeaten with 50-7 win over Sussex Tech

The Eagles erupted for 42 first-half points before putting away a 50-7 Henlopen North football victory over winless Sussex Tech.

• Explain to me why a coach runs up the score like this. — Frank Perdue

• Not the coach’s job to stop his offense. That’s the job of the opposing defense, plus those points may come into play when they set the bracket for the state tourney. — Dean Cannon Sr.

• There is no slaughter rule in high school football. It’s an exercise of the playbook. — Robert Hawthorne

• Same thig happened a few years ago when our team went against them. Unsportsmanlike. — Rebecca Cebenka Welch

• So your team (stunk)? Whose fault was that? — Melissa Epperly

• Your issue should be with Tech’s coach allowing Smyrna to score this many points. — Will Freeman

• Little different game … with a big lead, many coaches use the opportunity to go inside their roster and build playing-time depth; game experience is far superior to practice experience. — Len Holmquist

• Running clock. What else do you want? Second and third string played the entire second half. — Chip Reinbold

• Wait ’til you see the Smyrtown High School team (mix with Middletown) in a few more years! — Len Holmquist

• I’m not just picking on Smyrna. Just teams in general. I fully agree with all your comments. — Frank Perdue

• There is not a better head coach anywhere than Mike Judy. The second- and third-string players did play, and we celebrated when they scored even more than when the first string scored. — Stacy Cook

• “It’s been two years since Sussex Tech High crushed Smyrna by 55 points.” Seems it was avenging a loss and dishing out some karma. — Mike Doyle

• That’s why the coach has experienced players and teams year after year. — Patrick R. Weaver