Speak Out: Speeding worries residents in Rodney Village

Every time Gladys Bishop and Michelle Guerrein look out their front window, they are fearful that a tragedy might occur at any moment right before their very eyes. The two women, who live on David Hall Road in the Rodney Village development, say that speeding through the area has been an issue ever since the POW/MIA Parkway opened in 2017, as motorists cut through their neighborhood to get to Webbs Lane, or vice versa. Ms. Bishop and Ms. Guerrein are afraid that if the speeding continues, a child might be struck by one of the vehicles.

• If children are playing in the streets, shouldn’t someone tell them not to? — Linda Shockley

• Throw out some spike strips. I can feel their pain. I swear the road I live on was actually a dragstrip. The first lockdown was nice. — Bob Beckman

• What they need is a roundabout and a chicane. — Bob Hice

• Rodney Village has always been a speed zone, and it only got worse after 1980! Nothing new here, and with the connector, folks were saying it would increase traffic and traffic-related problems. And you wonder why property values are down here … just add more fuel to the housing fire. — Howard Gaines III

• Actually, property values aren’t down here. I paid $105,000 for my house almost six years ago. I currently have about $60,000-$70,000 equity in my home. — Joshua Hughes

• I like the connector, but everything about the intersection of it and 13 down to the first light is a nightmare. — Benjamin Black

• It’s everywhere. Not just on that street or town. — Pete Malloy