Speak Out: State urges schools to return to hybrid learning Monday

Gov. John Carney, the Delaware Division of Public Health and the Delaware Department of Education urged Delaware schools to return to hybrid instruction, a mix of remote and in-person learning, starting Monday.

• So it was imperative that in February to May, we shut down everything. Now, the number of positive cases, as well as hospitalizations is higher, but we return kids to school. I am really confused. — Brian Cullen

• Not doing it. When you can bring kids to school full time, we will change because, within a week, it will be exposure phone calls.— Daniele Marie

• Look around you, Carney. Delaware is already open for business. And as for schools, this is the kind of government operations we get when school unions bought and paid for the politicians. — Will Garfinkel

• This makes no sense. No public health risks, yet cases are on the rise and hospitals are at capacity. If parents want/need their children to be in school, I understand that, but to say there is no public health risk is rubbish. — Sophie Wilson

• If childcare centers can be open and can accept school-age children, what’s the difference? I’ve always wondered why day cares are safe, but schools are not. — Holly Comegys

• Is there contact tracing from the chicken plants? When you look where they are and look at the hot spots in the state, the map is damning. Until the worst sources of this virus are determined and contained and spread is reduced, there is no safety. Our ICU units are at capacity. Public health shouldn’t be a politicized show — but here we are. — Nadia Zychal

• Are our tests able to detect the new variant, which is causing the lockdowns in England and Scotland? — Patricia Marie Diienno

• And good people shall stay home when they feel sick! That’s the problem. — Joy McGill

• This is bad. We haven’t even seen the numbers from Christmas and New Year’s, and numbers are already at an all-time high, but sure, go ahead and send the kids back, So stupid and backwards. — Kasie Bell

• Something to agree on: kids need to get back into school. Mine may have a better life if she could go more than one day. Up to 10 p.m. every night doing homework and Zooms is crazy. — Dennis Orlando Jr.

• Please tell me why I get a call from school almost daily with positive tests at school. Answer that. — Mike-Andrew Taylor