Speak Out: Stay-at-home advisory announced

As Delaware broke its (then) record for new daily positive COVID-19 cases last week, Gov. John Carney and the Delaware Division of Public Health announced a new stay-at-home advisory. The advisory strongly advises all Delawareans to avoid gathering indoors with anyone outside their household from Dec. 14 through Jan. 11 “to interrupt the dangerous winter surge of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Delaware.”

• Please don’t go to the hospital if you just have a mild cough. Hospitalizations are up, but patients in critical care are staying relatively the same. — Paul Davis

• I doubt facts will change your mind, but critical care with COVID patients usually means that they’ve been trached and vented. Their lungs have become fibrotic and they need the pressure from a vent to oxygenate. Not-critical cases that are admitted usually can’t keep their oxygen levels up without support. Nobody is being admitted for a cough. — Mary Jesse

• It breaks my heart to read some of these comments when people are losing their lives because of this virus. Let’s just do our part to protect one another! — Sheri Riley Conklin

• Twenty years ago, losing (over) 2,900 Americans in a single day to a common enemy was a big deal. We memorialize that day every day by taking off our shoes prior to boarding an airplane. — Tommy Bou