Speak Out: Stone’s sentence

The four lawyers who prosecuted Roger Stone quit the case Tuesday after the Justice Department overruled them and said it would take the extraordinary step of lowering the amount of prison time it would seek for President Donald Trump’s longtime ally and confidant.

The resignations raised immediate questions over whether Trump, who earlier in the day had blasted the original sentencing recommendation as “very horrible and unfair,” had at least indirectly exerted his will on a Justice Department that he often views as an arm of the White House.

• No president’s friend is above the law. Lock Stone up. Many have done much less than Stone to the U.S. and are in prison for a greater time. Waiting to see. — R Tamer Peel

• Gee I wonder why? Maybe the rich as punished at a different rate than we are. — Natalie Andrews

• Lock him up. — Elizabeth Kenney

•For what exactly? Because you disagree with his politics? That’s fascism. — Mark Schmalhofer

• Acquittal, week one: Targeting witnesses and upheaval in the Justice Department. Life under an acquitted Trump has gone about as expected. — Kenny Purnell

• Roger Stone did do something wrong. Gen. Mike Flynn got caught up in a technicality even though the FBI investigators believed he was being truthful. It’s not that these men are innocent or guilty, it’s the vindictive way the DOJ pursued these gentlemen and a few others associated with Donald Trump, many to the point they have ruined their lives. They literally applied old Soviet-style investigation techniques to make sure they got the outcome they wanted.

Now with the growing mountain of evidence that the then-DOJ investigators were in the tank with the Obama administration illegally spying and wiretapping both Donald Trump and members of his election campaign and the fact that this evidence is finally starting to see the light of day they (the media and DOJ) can no longer ignore nor cover this up for the Democrats. The real question is why hasn’t the DOJ pursued anyone from the Democratic party and within their own ranks when they have enough smoke and evidence to start indicting individuals? That’s the real issue here.

If you say you want equality in the law and how it’s applied to people then you must support this. If you don’t support this, then stop crying about individuals who get mistreated by the police. — Shawn Knox

• The law and order party ain’t nothin’ but corrupt. — Rick Reed

• GOP shows it’s not a law and order party as they’ve played up for years but criminal enterprise to gain more money no matter how much damage to this country’s ideals and ethics. — Douglas Mastin