Speak Out: Sussex GOP’s Jordan ousted

A Sussex County Republican committee has voted to remove its vice chairwoman after she made comments criticized by some as anti-Semitic.

The Sussex County GOP expressed no confidence in Nelly Jordan by just two votes during an hourslong discussion on Monday, news outlets reported. The committee will fill Jordan’s position temporarily until the next election

Earlier this month, Ms. Jordan drew condemnation for posts about Jews being blinded by Democratic lies and going against the Lord’s will “as it was in the times of the Old Testament.”

• So how can Ilhan Omar and her crew get away with it? — Stephen Terrance Herd

• Being labeled anti-Semitic for speaking against the government of Israel and it’s policies is like being labeled unAmerican because you disagree with Trump… oh, wait. — Gary Greer

• It had to go to a vote? — Andrew Walls

• Yes, because the person was elected to the position and not appointed.— Brian P Slattery

• Do Democrats fire their leaders if they exhibit antisocialism? — Bob Skuse

• Glad to see this. This kind of bigotry simply cannot be tolerated.—Eric Morrison

• GOP, should be ashamed. If the Dems can just deny or apologize for black face and calling names, and threatening our president than why can’t Republicans do the same. No we are cowards and just make people leave office. Shame on them both in states and in Washington D.C. — Marie Cutillo Thompson