Speak Out: Sussex overdevelopment

Readers reacted to a recent letter to the editor headlined “Sussex development has gotten out of control.”

Wow. Well stated facts. LSD ( lower slower Delaware) Think again. We came here for the quiet charm. We wanted a place with a peaceful existence. It was. It isn’t anymore. We want it to stay quiet, beautiful. It’s turning into a noisy, busy dune boggle. Sadly it doesn’t seem like those in charge, care. — Maxine Meyer

•As us locals call it, SLD Slower Lower Delaware. — Cindi Susi

• Maybe all realtors should be removed from planning and zoning. — Bonnie Wood

•And, the developments that come up before the county rather than the local municipality should have people on it from the beach area. — Maxine Meyer

• Agree, it takes at least three times as long to get anywhere on the east side of the county as it did 10 years ago. I no longer live in a small town and I am sick of the “newcomers” saying that their presence and their money boosts the Sussex County economy. I don’t want your money. I would rather have the small town life back. — Liz Donaway

• I agree. It needs to stop. Continued building will lower our property values. It is displacing wildlife. We are NOT built for it. Farmers can’t afford to farm here anymore. Not all tourists need to live here. The development of corn fields into communities needs to stop. — Elizabeth Carpenter

• Yup, here come the taxes to pay for the roads. Roads aren’t free. — Steve McCarron

• Agree. I was born and raised in Millsboro and have always loved it not anymore. I can’t even get around in my own hometown. It’s so sad. — Kimberly Pettyjohn

• I agree I wasn’t born here as you know but have been here since the age of 25. I moved here because it was a quiet little place like I grew up in but lord there are days that those mountains are calling my name again. It makes me sad to see the farmers closing up shop. — Beth Anne Poe-Houseman

• How about our local officials just changing the zoning from agriculture to jamming in 45 low-income homes on just over 3 acres in Ocean View? After several meetings and over 1,600 letters of complaints, they’re saying, they’ll try and bring it down to 16. That is still on a little over 3 acres of ground. Only! I think it’s about time we start voting these people out. They are clearly not working on our behalf, but these developers, who don’t even live here. Get rid of them all! — Debra Grosso

• Well said, unfortunately you’re about 10 years too late. I have lived off of Love Creek for the last 18 years. In that time, 12 cookie cutter communities have gone up around us cramped our land ruined our roads and made this just another version of New Jersey. They will never stop as long as there pockets get fatter. If you have the means its time to move out. We wanted to stay in Delaware but Delaware doesn’t want us anymore. Its so said to think this way. But when the bubble burst and this is just an overcrowded miserable place to be. With a some luck we will be gone. — Michael Smith